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45 mins
£150 - initial treatment
£50 - 4-6 wk follow up

Microblading works by mimicking the natural hair strokes of the eyebrow using a hand held tool & colour pigment.

Instead of using a traditional tattoo gun, microblading requires the use of a small tool with teeny, tiny needles. These needles are used to manually draw delicate hair strokes while also depositing pigment under your skin. The result? Realistic-looking brow hairs that don’t wash off. 

The coolest thing about this treatment is that a good microblading specialist can create the appearance of naturally full brows on any skin tone with any shade range. Also, fun fact, if you lost your brows due to alopecia, you’re still a candidate for microblading.

Before Procedure

You absolutely must come in for a patch before having microblading done

During Procedure

After a consultation with Lorena about what you are hoping to achieve, she will neaten up your natural brows and clean the area. 


A topical numbing cream is then applied. While this is working you will discuss colour swatches and choose the best one for your desired look.


Lorena will then map out your brows taking into consideration face shape, symmetry and facial features etc.


Then the needling process begins - gently implanting the pigment via featherweight strokes. Each stroke is a superficial line in the skin where the colour pigment seeps in and settles then. If there is any discomfort at this stage we add another quick layer of numbing cream to the area which will become effective after 5 minutes but this is usually not necessary. The final layer of pigment is added, the area cleaned and VOILA - all done!

After Procedure

Depending on your skin type, microblading will last you anywhere from one to three years (oiler skin types tend to fade the fastest). 

Immediately after the procedure, you may express that your brows look too bold dark. That is normal. Once healed, the colors will lighten by 20-40%. If you walk away with the perfect color, the healed result will be too light. So don’t be too alarmed and trust the process. 

About 2 hours after microblading, you should run a cotton swab dipped in sterilized water over the area. This will get rid of any excess dye on your brows. It will also keep the area sterile. 

It takes anywhere from 7 to 14 days for the skin to begin to appear healed and for the pigment to fade to its intended shade.


  • Avoid getting the area wet for at least 7 days. This includes keeping your face dry during a shower.

  • Don’t wear makeup for at least a week. This is because the pigments are still settling into the shallow cuts in your skin caused by the blading.

  • Don’t pick at scabs, tug, or itch the eyebrow area.

  • Avoid saunas, swimming, and excessive sweating until the area is completely healed and you have a follow-up appointment.

  • Keep your hair away from your brow line.

  • Apply any medicated cream or healing balm provided by your technician as directed.

After your skin is fully healed, you’ll want to protect your microblading investment by taking care of your skin. Applying a sunscreen to the microbladed area may help prevent fading.

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